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Making state-of-the-art goal-based planning easy-to-understand and available to everyone.

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Our story

Understanding and planning your financial future is complicated. To make good financial decisions and achieve financial freedom, you can spend days doing research on the internet, build your own spreadsheets, and still don't get the complete picture and really know whether you are doing the right thing. Or you can rely on expensive advisors that might be more interested in selling products rather than helping you make good decisions.

We founded Symonda to give you a third option. As financial experts and researchers with PhDs in finance, we made in-depth analyses of our own families using state-of-the-art models and technology. We wanted to make our expertise available to everyone, so we created Symonda: an easy-to-use app that provides guidance and does all the hard work for you, but at the same time leaves you in control. This way, you can experiment, come up with a plan, and make good financial decisions to achieve what is important to you.

Small team. Big expertise.

Since Leonard and Jan founded the company in October 2020, Symonda is developing innovative products and services to help individuals plan their financial future.
Jan Wrampelmeyer

Jan Wrampelmeyer

Jan has more than 15 years of experience in finance, econometrics and data science. He holds a PhD in Finance and works as Associate Professor at VU Amsterdam. His research has been published in the best international finance journals.


Leonard Wolk

Leonard holds a PhD in Finance and has taught in Europe and the United States. He also works as Assistant Professor at VU Amsterdam, where he does research and teaches in the Finance and Technology honors program.

Leonard Wolk

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