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Can I achieve financial independence?

Find out if and when it is realistic to quit your job and retire early to do something you love.

Can I take a year off and travel the world?

Understand how taking a sabbatical to go on a big trip affects your financial future.

Can I switch careers?

Understand the trade-off involved in switching to another job.

Can I buy a home for my family?

Find out if you can afford your dream home and understand how it compares to renting.

Make informed decisions

  • View projections for your lifetime income, expenses, and the value of your assets and loans
  • Understand how your career, spending, and investment decisions impact your future outlook
  • See the big picture and grasp how realizing one goal affects your other goals
  • Track your progress towards achieving your life goals
  • Learn how to make your plan work
  • Experiment with alternatives and understand how your choices affect your future

Dynamic and adaptable


Supports income and spending in different countries and currencies


Get reminders, tips, and suggestions on how to improve your plan


Your plan is not linked to your financial accounts

For you and your family

Plan individually or together with your partner


Focus on what is really important and don't get lost in jargon and details


Experiment with your plan and easily update it when your life changes

Start your plan right away


  • Visualize your financial future
  • Plan ahead and achieve your goals
  • Adapt your plan as your life changes
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